Love your enemies

06 Jul

“If we consider ourselves to be true followers of Christ, this love is our call. We are to love our enemies—to truly love them.

Are there some whom you hate, and do you, through some perverse twist, imagine that your hate is justified? If so, you are in trouble, for Christ is not ruling your life.

Are you doing good to those who hate you, or evil? If Christ is ruling your heart, it will be good.

Are you blessing those who curse you? If not, Christ is not on the throne of your heart.

Are you praying for those who mistreat you? If so, you are like Jesus.

This is an impossible life. It is unnatural. It is unconventional. It is—supernatural!”

R. Kent Hughes, Luke: That You May Know the Truth, p.235-246


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Posted by on July 6, 2016 in Personal growth, Quotes, Theology


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