Free Range Christians

19 Oct

chickenrun042lz_3737In the 2000 movie, Chicken Run, Rocky (voiced by Mel Gibson) takes pride in being a “free range chicken” who’s “not the type to settle down.” While comical in an animated movie, it is an accurate description of people in today’s culture, even among those who claim to be committed Christians.

Two weeks ago, I taught our church’s membership class. I explained that membership is like being part of a family and that a Christian without a church home is like an orphan. Becoming a member of a church tells the leadership that “you can count on me” and that “I am willing to place myself under your authority” because greater accountability leads to greater spiritual growth. Becoming a member helps us build a biblical community and practice the “one another” commands of the New Testament.

no-commitmentAfter attending the class, each person is interviewed by one of our elders or deacons so that we can hear their testimony and get to know them better. One individual did not show up for the interview, so I inquired as to whether something came up or if they changed their mind. The person responded, “I don’t feel being a member will really benefit me in any way. I would like to be free to visit where I choose and not have to be stuck in one location.”

Wow! Sounds like I met a real life “Rocky.” One more “free range Christian.”


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