Why people leave the church

18 Jan

At a recent meeting of our elders, deacons, and deaconesses, one of the questions asked was, why have people left First Central and were the issues addressed and/or corrected? I said there was no common denominator and sometimes the reasons were vague.

Here are the reasons I have heard over the past year, or at least, the ones I remember. They include personal reasons, doctrinal differences, church government issues, personal preferences, and personal attacks. They are listed without comment.

Personal reasons

  • I want to go to a church closer to where I live.
  • If I change churches, my spouse might attend more often with me.
  • I just got married and I’m going to my spouse’s church.
  • I don’t fit here.
  • We’ve found a place where we can better use our gifts.

Doctrinal differences

  • Deaconesses (female deacons) are not biblical.
  • One person has not returned after I pointed out what Scripture said about her lesbian relationship.

Church government

  • Our budget is too high. We should not have a gap between our giving and our budget plan.
  • The elders do not practice church discipline. (One said the elders were too harsh. Another said we were too lenient.)
  • The elders are too controlling.
  • The elders should make all the decisions. We should not have a congregational government.

Personal preferences

  • I can’t worship at First Central.
  • The Spirit of God is not moving at First Central.

Personal attacks

  • The pastor’s wife did not speak to me.
  • The pastor sent me a note instead of calling me on the phone.
  • The pastor is not a shepherd.
  • The pastor’s sermons don’t inspire me. He is just a Sunday School teacher.
  • The pastor doesn’t preach enough evangelistic sermons.
  • “I think the music is awful and the Pastor has no heart… The Pastor is a jerk – very knowledgeable but still a jerk.”
  • Some of the leaders lack humility.
  • The heart and soul of some of the worship leaders.

SIGH! Ministry can certainly be challenging.

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