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One word that will reinvigorate your marriage

cherishBook Review: Cherish: The One Word That Changes Everything for Your Marriage, by Gary Thomas

Cherish: The One Word That Changes Everything for Your Marriage, by Gary Thomas, is one of the better books on marriage I have read in recent years. The author’s premise is that

The way we treat something acknowledges whether we cherish it or hold it with indifference or contempt… Cultivating a cherishing attitude toward your spouse will elevate your marriage relationally, emotionally, spiritually, and even physically.

Thomas’ first book, Sacred Marriage, focused on admitting and addressing the difficult realities of marriage. Cherish takes a look at the ideal, and while we may never achieve it fully, “pursuing it leads us to a place so beautiful that the journey is well worth taking.”

Most of us don’t want a marriage where we merely tolerate one another because we don’t qualify for a “biblical” divorce. We want our husbands to view us as Eve, the only woman in the world, or our wives to view us as Adam, the only man in the world. We long to be valued, respected, and cherished. Throughout the book, the author presents practical ideas on how to do just that. He explores how to cherish your spouse through your words, actions, attitudes, and deeds. Using real life examples from his own marriage and stories from others, he demonstrates the power that cherishing can have in one’s marriage.

Reading the book and practicing the concepts will give your relationship a new sense of hope and promise. Since God places a high value on marriage, it is well worth the effort.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the BookLook Bloggers <> book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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Andrew & Caitlin Gosnell’s wedding day

Some photos of Andrew & Caitlin Gosnell’s wedding are starting to pop up on Facebook. Thanks go to Jan Gosnell, who shared them, & Hilary, who took them. Cheers!

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Mismatch Night in Awana

Tonight was Mismatch Night in Awana at First Central Bible Church in Chicopee, MA. There were some colorful, fun costumes as a result. During the Christmas season, our Sparks group sent Christmas cards to some of our military troops serving in Iraq. They in turn sent the kids a flag and a certificate. It was pretty special to receive the gift.

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Think twice before complaining


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New Zealand Adventures – Travel day

A long day of traveling

Day Time Activity Length
Sunday, February 12 8:30AM NZDT (New Zealand Daylight Time) Arrive at Queenstown airport 2 hours before flight 2 hours
10:30AM NZDT Flight leaves for Auckland 2 hours
12:30PM NZDT Arrive at Auckland – 3 hour layover 3 hours
3:30PM NZDT Flight leaves for LAX 12 hours
Sunday, February 12 6:30AM PST (Pacific Standard Time) Flight arrives at LAX – 6 hour layover—flight delayed one hour due to snow storm in Boston 6 hours
12:46PM PST Flight leaves for Boston 5+ hours flight
9:30PM EST (Eastern Standard Time) Flight arrives at Boston – Get luggage and car 30 minutes
10:00PM EST Drive home in snow storm 2.5 hours
Monday, February 13 12:30AM EST Fall into bed
Total time of travel 33+ hours
Cost of the trip $$$$$$$
Wear and tear on the body !!!!!!!!!!
Celebrating Caitlin’s & Andrew’s wedding & spending time with family in New Zealand Priceless!

Home. SIGH!


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New Zealand Adventures – Queenstown

We are in Queenstown, our final night in New Zealand. We took the Skyline Gondola to the top of Bob’s Peak. From there, we had a magnificent view of Queenstown and the surrounding countryside. We even picked out the hotel we’re staying in. We enjoyed a dinner at Taco Medic and dessert at Cookie Bar. We even discovered that Hell is a real place down under (just a little theological tongue-in-cheek).

Tomorrow morning, we begin the long journey home. With flights, layovers, and drive time, it is 30+ hours of travel. It’s been a fabulous trip.

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New Zealand Adventures – Milford Sound

After leaving Wanaka & the wedding party, we headed south to Milford Sound. The drive from Wanaka to Milford Sound was quite stunning with fields, mountains, rivers, lakes, and waterfalls. While in Milford Sound, we took a Discovery Cruise through the fjordlands. (Milford Sound resembles the fjords in Scandinavia with the mountains dropping into the sea.) Part of the cruise took us to the Underwater Discovery Center. It was a spectacular day, especially so since I spent my birthday with most of my family.

While it was cloudy and a bit foggy and rain sprinkles, last month they had 26 days of rain, so they said we were there with good weather.

We also saw a rather colorful van at the Milford Sound Lodge where we were staying. None of us had seen a treehouse camper before.

Today, we left Milford Sound and are now in Queenstown. We start the homeward journey tomorrow morning.

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