Russia 2017 – Thursday in Elista

23 Mar

Today was the final day of our class in Elista. A few of the students came early and were led in worship by Slava, who brought his guitar.

We spent the first hour talking about Romans 16. I explained that often we want to skip the first part of the chapter because it is just a list of names. I emphasized the words Paul uses to describe these individuals—hard worker, risked their lives, servant, chosen, beloved, kinsman, approved. I also pointed out that some of the folks are not named, just referred to. In this life, people may not remember your service, but God does, and he will reward us for what we do for him.

After spending 15 chapters teaching sound doctrine and how to practice it in daily life, Paul then warns the Roman church of the danger of false teachers. I stressed that we need to be vigilant and on guard against those who will seek to divide us over minor, non-essential issues. I encouraged them to work towards maintaining unity.

Since I ended early, I gave them a 15-minute assignment to think about two things—(1) What are the lessons you learned from our study of Romans? and (2) What is one lesson you want to put into practice this week? When we came back together, they shared some very personal lessons and heartfelt desires for growth. Rather than try to apply a dozen lessons, I encouraged them to focus on one. We then closed with a time of prayer for one another.

After lunch, the two groups (my class on Romans and John Musgrave’s class on church leadership) gathered for a group picture. Sandzhik gave thank you gifts to John & Naomi Musgrave, Lena, my translator, and me. He said he had asked people what they were learning and he was impressed and encouraged by what they were taking to heart. He closed by saying he was looking forward to our next visit and the classes we would offer.

The afternoon was spent relaxing, reading, and running errands. In the evening, we had dinner at the home of Mergen and Elza.

We start the homeward journey tomorrow morning. We will drive from Elista to Krasnodar on Friday, and then to Anapa on Saturday, where I will catch a flight back to Moscow. On Sunday, I will make the long journey home—Moscow to Amsterdam to Boston.

Thanks for praying.

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