On any given Sunday

01 May

On any given Sunday, you find yourself preaching to a congregation that has …

  • An alcoholic who refuses to admit they have a problem
  • A retiree struggling to find a sense of purpose
  • A distraught person whose spouse is losing the battle to Alzheimer’s
  • A worried parent whose child is deployed overseas in a conflict region
  • A young family struggling to make ends meet due to unexpected bills
  • An individual who wants to follow Jesus but who cannot say “No” to temptation
  • A family grieving because they just buried a loved one
  • A person carrying the heartache of a broken relationship
  • Someone who was served divorce papers but hasn’t told their children yet
  • A person at the end of their limits and who is contemplating taking their life
  • An individual nursing a decade old grudge or wound
  • A spiritual single parent whose spouse has no interest in spiritual things
  • A person who fears what the doctor will tell them when they run tests on Monday
  • A person who is discouraged because of an ongoing trial
  • An individual struggling with depression
  • One who is struggling with change
  • Someone who is resentful towards God because of a recent disappointment
  • A couple feeling squeezed as they parent their teenagers and parent their aging parents
  • Someone consumed with guilt
  • An individual who has been in church for years but who doesn’t know Jesus as their savior
  • A person who was laid off from work last week

These are just the needs you are aware of. There are also those who keep their hurts hidden behind a smiling façade and an “unspoken” prayer request. The list also doesn’t include those who are angry at God, their boss, spouse, kids, the government …

You could try to craft an individual sermon to meet each and every need. But that would leave you feeling like a pinball bouncing between random bumpers and dueling agendas. Or you can preach the Word of God, focus people’s attention on God’s character and grace, and trust the Holy Spirit to minister to each heart.

On any given Sunday, you find yourself preaching to a congregation filled with broken, needy, hurting people who desperately need to meet with and hear a word from God. This is the burden, privilege, and challenge of preaching.


Posted by on May 1, 2017 in Ministry, Preaching


2 responses to “On any given Sunday

  1. lisanrocks

    May 2, 2017 at 4:03 pm

    Hi Pastor. Thank you for sharing this and always preaching the word of God.

    On Sunday my SS class had the privilege of ministering to __________ during her urgent needs with _______. Afterwards during the 11am service your message was directly related to what had just happened in SS. I found Janet after the sermon and told her she just received a “kiss from God”. His affirmation to her.

    It’s a pleasure to serve our Lord together. Thank YOU for your faithfulness.

    Amen Lisa.

    Sent from my iPhone


    • wheelsms

      May 2, 2017 at 4:06 pm

      Thanks, Lisa. I appreciate the encouragement.
      Mark Wheeler


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