A Royal Commitment

05 May

Would that more of us approached contracts, commitments, and marriage vows like the Queen of England.

Prince Philip Is Retiring but Queen Elizabeth II Won’t Abdicate: Experts – At the age of 96, Prince Phillip, the husband and confidante of Queen Elizabeth II is retiring. The Queen, however, will continue on and has no plans to retire and hand over the reins to her son, Prince Charles.

The reason? Elizabeth, 91, places the responsibilities of her role above self. And the monarch regards vows she made two days after her father’s death in 1952 — and reiterated at her coronation — as paramount.

Gordon Rayner, who spent 7 years as royal correspondent for Britain’s Daily Telegraph, said: “The queen made a promise to the people of the Commonwealth before she even became queen that she would devote her whole life, whether it be long or short to the duty that she would be taking on. For her it is a duty you carry for your whole life and to her that means literally.”

“Abdication is a dirty word in her language. She would never step down.”

He added: “She is not somebody that would take a vow and not see it through. It has never been in her thoughts at any point in her life.”

You choose to honor a contract, commitment, marriage vow, pledge, or promise when you view your responsibility as more important than your self. A good example for us all.

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