Making light of marriage

10 May

Normally, NCIS is one of my wife and my favorite TV shows. However, I was disappointed with how they treated marriage in the most recent episode, “Something blue.”

For the past season, Special Agent Timothy McGee and Delilah have been living together while planning their wedding. As the other agents help in the planning, Quinn and Torres debate on whether or not to take a plus-1 to the wedding or try to hook up with a stranger afterwards. After Delilah faints due to stress, the scene shifts to the hospital where McGee anxiously waits for news on her condition. When he discovers Delilah is pregnant, McGee passes out. The rest of the team responds joyfully to the news and quickly participates in a surprise wedding with Dr. Palmer taking a 20-minute online course to become an ordained minister in order to perform the wedding.

What NCIS taught in this episode:

  • Cohabitation has become normal for TV characters.
  • Pregnancy before marriage is normal.
  • Humor (McGee passing out) is used to make abnormal (pregnancy out of wedlock) more palatable and normal.
  • Religion and ministers are mocked when Dr. Palmer becomes “Reverend Jimmy” after a 20-minute online course. Making light of religion and ministers is normal

With NCIS being the “Most Watched TV Show”, all of this—cohabitation, hookups, pregnancy before marriage, dismissing religion, alternative lifestyles, etc.—becomes normal, mainstream, and acceptable. While I normally enjoy the show, this episode was disappointing to say the least.

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    May 12, 2017 at 6:42 pm



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