Thanks for Serving!

08 Jul

I have been impressed recently by how many people are serving in the ministries of First Central Bible Church in Chicopee, MA. I am grateful for their commitment and faithfulness. I put together an insert for tomorrow’s bulletin to honor and say “Thank you.”

Thanks so much. We’re in your debt. May God multiply your joy!


Thanks for Serving!

“As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace”

1 Peter 4:10

A.V. – Christopher Kulig, Doug McVeigh, Evan Warner

C.E. Board – Lindsey Dewar, Robin Dolbow, Jack Gilbert, Stephanie McVeigh, Diana Paskal, Carol Wheeler

Christian Education Ministries (Awana, Sunday School, Nursery, Camp KidConnect, Awana Camp, Small group leaders)Perpetual Agymeng, Chris Ames, Dan Appleton, Dianne Appleton, Jacob Barrows, Lauren Cisek, Lois Darcy, Shaun Dewar, Lindsey Dewar, Doug Dolbow, Robin Dolbow, Ethan Dolbow, Grace Dolbow, Ron Donais, Jessica Donais, Bella Donais, Paul Downs, Tammy Downs, Tristan Jordan, Carol Faita, Colleen Gagnon, Gwyneth Gagnon, Austyn Gagnon, Carol Galik, Joseph Garcia, Jackie Garcia, Ohndrae Santos, Wynter Santos, Sydney Henry, Jack Gilbert, Simcha Gilbert, Sandy Guilbert, Jeanne Hume, Jackie Jackson, Sue Ann Jarvis, Lynn Johnson, Carol Karol, Nancy King, Tina Kopec, Tawnya Kopec, Dave Krok, Keli Krok, Christopher Kulig, Stan Kulig, Christine Kulig, Lee Lamagdeleine, Jeff LaRoche, Janet LaRoche, Stephen LaRoche, Maddie LaRoche, Rik Martin , Steph Martin, Peg Martin, Joe Martin, Doug McVeigh, Nancy McVeigh, Jessica McVeigh, Stephanie McVeigh, Carol Miller, Bev Nawrocki, Estela Negron, J Noyes, Connie Noyes, Pam Ondrick, Richard Pinkos, April Ray, Morgan Ray, Mark Stewart, Linda Stewart, Hayley Stewart, Austin Stewart, Kelsey Stewart, Carol Sumler, Jackie Tisdale, Rachel Uselton, Robin Warner, Jason Warner, Evan Warner, Mark Wheeler, Carol Wheeler, Vera Paskal Zaborsky, Diana Paskal, Nick Tetreault, Steven Tetreault

Clerk – Lisa Nawrocki

Clothing Closet – Lorraine Messier

Counting – Dan Appleton, Bev Nawrocki, Carol Sumler, Marie Surprenant, Robin Warner

Custodians – Brenden Grant, Bev Nawrocki, John Singleton, Ruth White

Deacons—Dan Darcy, Sid Floyd, Dave Johnson, Cliff Moran, J Noyes, Joe Trevathan

Deaconesses—Lynn Anderson, Lois Darcy, Rose Eldridge, Janet Laroche, Karen Martin, Marion Moran, Connie Noyes, Carol Sumler

Elders—Doug Dolbow, Stan Kulig, Joe Martin, Doug McVeigh, Pastor Mark Wheeler

Finance Board – Ken Langevin, Lisa Nawrocki, Steve Rose, John Steele

Financial Secretary – Christine Kulig

Gardening at Chicopee Senior Center – Bernadette Collins, Stan & Christine Kulig, Mark & Carol Wheeler, Tadj & Pam Ondrick, Steve Rose, Joe Martin, Bill Martin, Judy Koumako, Linda & Kayley Stewart, Brenden Grant, John Singleton, Chris Ames, Jeff Martin, Richard & Lucy Pinkos, Joe & Gloria Trevathan, Jeff & Janet LaRoche, Linda Sabettini, David Piela, Dan & Dianne Appleton family, Joe Garcia, Chet Galaska, Evan Warner, Jim & Lisa Nawrocki

Hospitality Team – Jason Cisek, Lois Darcy, Rose Eldridge, Dennis Fenton, Gwen Fenton, Jackie Garcia, Joseph Garcia, Brenden Grant, Christine Kulig, Bill Martin, Jessica Negron, Carol Sumler, Ruth White

Lawn Mowing – Brenden Grant, Dan Appleton, Jeff LaRoche, John Singleton, Bill Martin, Jason Cisek

Lord’s Pantry – Dan Appleton, Debbie Ciosek, Bernadette Collins, Jackie Garcia, Brenden Grant, Lee Lamagdeleine, Anabel Robinson, Richard Sanders, Lloyd Smith, John Steele, Marie Surprenant

Missions Board – Chet Galaska, Carol Galik, Jeff LaRoche, Pam Ondrick, Angela Singleton, Maureen Woodfine

Moderator – Jim Nawrocki

Nominating Committee – Bob Anderson, Doug McVeigh, Nancy McVeigh, Richard Pinkos, Jackie Tisdale

Office volunteers – Lee Lamagdeleine, Marie Surprenant, Christine Mason

Renovation Committee – Dave Guilbert, Dave Krok, Doug McVeigh, Carol Wheeler

Senior Saints – Carol Sumler, Rosemary Stewart, Dorothea Moores

Seniors Alive – Christine Mason, Marie Surprenant

Setup – Jeff LaRoche

Snow removal – Brenden Grant, Dennis Fenton, Bill Martin, Dan Appleton, Jeff LaRoche, Jim Nawrocki

Staff –Robin Dolbow, Jack Gilbert, Gail Grant, Dave Guilbert, Robin Warner, Mark Wheeler

Trustees –Dan Appleton, Mario Costa, Dennis Fenton, Emery Galik, Brenden Grant, Dave Guilbert, Bill Martin, Bev Nawrocki, Jim Nawrocki, John Singleton, Mark Stewart

Tutoring – Steve & Tammy Richter, Lisa Galaska, Ruth Adams, Andrew Galaska, Anna Hutchinson

Ushers & Greeters – Bob Anderson, Lynn Anderson, Bob Blodgett, Nancy Blodgett, Bernadette Collins, Jim Farley, Sid Floyd, Chet Galaska, Brenda Gelinas, Rick Gelinas, Brenden Grant, Wayne Jarvis, Jeff Laroche, Bill Martin, Jeanette Montanez, Dorothea Moores, Bev Nawrocki, Jim Nawrocki, Pam Ondrick, Tadj Ondrick, Lucy Pinkos, Richard Pinkos, Eric Richardson, Richard Sanders, Lloyd Smith, Austin Stewart, Mark Stewart, Jackie Tisdale, Pat Warner, Robin Warner, Ruth White, Maureen Woodfine

Women’s Leadership Team –Rose Eldridge, Gail Grant, Lisa Nawrocki, Carol Wheeler

Worship Teams – Jason Cisek, Lauren Cisek, Bill Ciosek, Ron Donais, Wayne Erik Jarvis, Rose Eldridge, Dave Krok, Keli Krok, Stan Kulig, Maryann Los, Chris Mee, Jessica McVeigh, Stephanie McVeigh, Evan Warner, Val Zaborski

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  1. amngilbert

    July 8, 2017 at 2:04 pm

    Reblogged this on I'm Listening to GOD and commented:
    It gives me great joy when I see fellow believers using their gifts and giving their time and energy to serve one another and the surrounding community. To God be the glory and honor!


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