Lessons learned (or learning)

26 Dec

A few of the random thoughts I’ve had this past week about my ongoing stint on the DL.

I am expendable. Towards the end of the recent sermon series on the life of Moses, I used a quote from Chuck Swindoll. “God’s plan depends on no one for all time, but for all to serve him at a certain time. Time on earth is brief, even for God’s best.” While I’ve been away, First Central Bible Church did not stop functioning. Good ministry has taken place. People have been taught, counseled, and cared for. Good preaching (some might argue “better”) has been delivered. While I count it a privilege to serve God at FCBC, it is his church, not mine. His plan includes me, but is not dependent on me. I am part of a wonderful team, not a solo practitioner.

I am loved. Over the past seven weeks, Carol and I have received encouragement and prayer support from friends and family around the country and the globe. In particular, the congregation of First Central has showered us with cards, visits, care packages, yard work, moving beds, shoveling snow, meals, balloons, finishing putting up the Christmas lights, rides to the doctor, and so much more. They have been the hands and feet of the body of Christ, demonstrating care, compassion, and concern in tangible ways at every turn. I don’t know how we would have survived without their help. And this doesn’t even begin to describe how much my wife has loved and cared for me. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks.

I have a big God who provides abundantly. God has led and provided throughout this entire process of surgery, care, rehab, and recovery. A caring neighbor who called 9-1-1. A church member who stopped at the right time to render aid. The right hospital and surgical team. A 5‑star rehab center. Help when it was needed. Physical therapy. Good insurance. (We received the bill for the hospital this week. We’re still waiting on the bills from the surgeon and rehab center. The hospital bill was $25K. Fortunately, insurance covered the bulk and our responsibility was less than $1K.) God meets us right at our point of need. Praise God for his abundant generosity.

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