Progress report

31 Dec

I included this health update in our bulletin this week to apprise the congregation on how I was doing and the plans for the future.


From the desk of Pastor Mark Wheeler

Dear friends,

First off, let me say, “Thank you!” for all the cards, visits, care packages, yard work, snow removal, putting up Christmas lights, meals, encouraging words, support, and prayer over the past two months. Carol and I are extremely grateful for all the help and support. We don’t know how we would have gotten through without you.

I am now two months into the recovery and rehab process since my accident on November 6 when I fell and broke my leg/hip. I have been cleared for full weight-bearing status. My in-home physical therapist has me doing exercises to help strengthen my leg and gradually increase mobility. I will soon begin more intensive physical therapy. I am on a blood thinner designed to help my body deal with the blood clot(s) in my calf and reduce the swelling. I am making slow progress, but still have a ways to go.

The tentative plan is that I will resume preaching on January 7. We will begin a new sermon series on “The State of the Church,” examining the seven churches in Revelation 1-3. Initially, I will sit in a chair while I preach until my leg gets strong enough to stand for an extended period of time. While I will be preaching again, I will not be in the office until I can resume driving. I still need greater strength, mobility, and confidence before I feel comfortable getting behind the wheel.

Thanks again for your prayers for my health and recovery. Please continue to pray for increased strength, mobility, and confidence in my leg/hip. Please pray as I adjust to a new normal. Please continue to pray for our staff and leaders as we shepherd the church.

Thanks. Thanks. Thanks. I’m in your debt.

Following His Footsteps,

Pastor Mark Wheeler

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