The high cost of Christmas lights

21 Apr

As we were talking one night in Elista, Naomi asked me about the medical costs for my hip surgery. Since I had time on my hands in the hotel in Moscow, I decided to total them up. As you can see, it turned out to be the most expensive Christmas lights we ever purchased. Thank God for good insurance.

Category Total costs Out of pocket expenses
Ambulances $2,529.13 $100.00
Hospital & personnel $26,999.56 $1,000.00
Ultrasound $2,543.73 $25.00
Surgery & follow up $8,671.00 $25.00
Rehab Center $4,307.14 $752.18
In-home physical therapy $1,539.75 $0
Rx $3,154.46 $187.19
Primary Care Physician $1,160 $200.00
Physical Therapy $4,715 $525.00
Totals $55,619.77 $2,814.37

Considering I have another follow up visit with the surgeon on Monday and possibly more PT to come, as well as more follow up on the blood clots, it’s not quite done yet.

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Posted by on April 21, 2018 in Finances, Health


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