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I resolve to …

Here’s a collection of New Years’ resolutions, courtesy of my friends at B.C. and Calvin & Hobbes. Perhaps I should consider one …

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Lord, increase my faith

A prayer at the end of a year

Lord, increase my faith. I live among people who are jaded and cynical because of fake news. It is so tempting to begin to view your promises in the same way. It is so easy to believe your promises are too good to be true. Help me to take you at your word and believe what you say.

Lord, increase my faith. I live in a world that seems to become more evil every day. People become more negative as time passes. It is so easy to wonder if prayer even makes a difference. It is so tempting to forget that you can change hearts and lives. Help me to focus on what you are doing in the world. Help me to pray, believing that you can change hearts.

Lord, increase my faith. I live in a world that is permeated with a scarcity mentality. “There is only so much time, money, and energy available. When it’s gone, it’s gone.” It is so easy to forget that you are able to do abundantly beyond what we ask or think. It is so easy to forget that you are almighty God for whom nothing is impossible. Help me to trust you to provide all that is needed and more besides.

Lord, increase my faith. I live in a world that is punctuated by pragmatism. “Use your brain. Do what works. Take the safe, sure, easy, secure route.” It is so easy to think I can live without faith. It is so tempting to only attempt what I can do in my own power. Help me to step out in faith and take more risks for your glory.

Lord, increase my faith. I live in a world that goes through the motions. “Take it easy. Don’t work too hard. Just do what needs to be done, nothing more.” It is so easy to stop dreaming of “what if?” It is so tempting to stop asking, “what might God want me to do?” It is so easy to merely coast along. Help me to dream. Help me to work hard for your purposes. Cause me to grow.

Lord, increase my faith. The pressures are so great that I am tempted to jump into work and skip reading your word and praying. It is so easy to succumb to the pressure to be productive. Help me to “waste time with God.” Help me to saturate my mind with your word. Help me to submit my plans and schedule to you first. Help me to center my life and day on you.

Lord, I believe. Help my unbelief. Lord, increase my faith.

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How are you using your life?

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Snow ! or ?

The comic strip, Betty, accurately presents our love/hate relationship with snow. We want a white Christmas where we can enjoy the beauty of the falling snow, take romantic walks, and play in the snow. But when it comes to shoveling snow, driving and living in it … not so much.

Perhaps Calvin & Hobbes sums up our feelings about snow the best.

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Over the years and across the miles

Happy anniversary to my wife, best friend, and lover. 38 years is too short a time to be married to your best friend. We’ve gone from SoCal to Western MA, with stops in Dallas, TX; Anaheim, CA; Wheaton, IL; Moreno Valley, CA; Redmond, WA; Sammamish, WA; and now Chicopee, MA. We’ve served Christ at churches in Wheaton, Bellevue, Seattle, and Chicopee. We’ve led ministry teams to Toral and Malaga, Spain; Moscow, Tsibanobalka, and Anapa, Russia. We’ve traveled up and down the West Coast, across the States, visited London and New Zealand. We’ve celebrated graduations and weddings, sorrowed at funerals, and encouraged each other with rehab. We’ve experienced, benefited from, and enjoyed the grace of God through the ups and downs of life over the years and across the miles. May God grant us many more years to serve him together!


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Christmas devotionals

Jack Gilbert was able to capture two videos from our Christmas Eve service at First Central Bible Church. In one, I am reading the book, The Littlest Magi, to our children. In the other, I am sharing a devotional, “How do you wrap an indescribable gift?” Thanks, Jack.



Celebrate the Son!

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