Creative ways to invite someone to church

03 Jan

Want to invite someone to church this week? Looking for new ideas on how to break the ice and speak about your church to a friend?

Diana Davis has written a helpful blog post entitled, “52 Ideas for Inviting Someone to Church This Year.” She begins by saying,

The simple act of inviting friends and acquaintances to your church can impact eternity.

A study by LifeWay Research found about two-thirds of churchgoers made it a point to invite someone to church in the last six months, but nearly a third said they hadn’t extended an invitation to anyone.

As God puts people in your life pathway, will you intentionally invite them?

You can do this! Here are 52 ideas to help you get started. Some are for individuals; others can be adapted for your small group or the entire church.

1. Order business-card-size invitations for church members to use. A few times per year, give a small bundle of cards to each church member. Encourage them to carry the cards, ready to invite someone to church. Keep extra cards available at the church.

2. When you grab lunch at a drive-through restaurant, give the person who takes your order a printed invitation to church.

3. Make a new commitment to invite people every week. Make a checklist of people you often encounter: grocery clerk, boss, teacher, physical therapist, friend, yard guy, nail tech, relative, hair stylist, food server, dentist, mail carrier, employee, neighbor, etc.

4. Walk your dog. Jog. Stroll. You’ll meet lots of people you can invite to your church.

5. Your personal social media (Facebook, etc.) offers a great way to invite people. Post a photo, tell a story about how church impacts your life, link to the church website, or say “Join us Sunday at 10!” You never know who’s reading.

Click on the link to read the rest of her suggestions.

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