Don’t copy another preacher, be yourself

27 Mar

H. B. Charles, Jr. has good advice for preachers in his book, On Preaching: personal and pastoral insights for the preparation and practice of preaching. In a chapter entitled, Developing your style in preaching, he encourages preachers to “Be Yourself.”

Preachers inevitably learn to preach by listening to other preachers. Even if we receive formal training, we are still shaped by the preaching that we hear, not just the theory that we study. We are all influenced by preaching voices in our heads. To this day, I have to limit how much I listen to my favorite preachers, lest I carry them into the pulpit with me on Sunday morning. I want to be a voice, not an echo. Preaching is truth through personality. So be yourself. The congregation will forgive you for not being Dr. so-and-so. They will not forgive you for not being you!


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Posted by on March 27, 2019 in Preaching, Quotes


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