Mentoring pays dividends

11 Sep

Next month, Carol and I will be in Moscow, Russia, to help lead a conference on identifying and training next generation leaders for the church. We will focus on the who, what, when, where, why, and how of mentoring. As part of the conference, the communications team at Crossroads Bible Church in Bellevue, WA, interviewed three of the men I mentored while I was on staff at the church and who are serving as staff or elders today. Daniel, Mark, and Tedd were all part of a Sunday School class I taught for young families. They are their wives went with Carol and me to Spain in 2000 on a short-term ministry trip. The fourth gentleman is Keith Krell, the new Senior Pastor at Crossroads. The video is dubbed in Russian and the transcript of their comments is below. (Keith’s comments were not transcribed.)

On the one hand, I believe the video will be a great addition to the conference and helps to give me credibility. On the other hand, I found it extremely encouraging and affirming to know that the investment I made years ago is still paying dividends today. It was a huge shot in the arm and encouragement to keep going and stay faithful.


Mark video transcribed:


<Hello, my name is Daniel Adent. I was part of the class that Mark led at Crossroads, and now I’m currently serving as an elder here at Crossroads. Mark was influential in my life in growing as a leader>

<It started with just Mark inviting me and encouraging me to participate in things that would deepen my walk with Christ and give me experience at the same time. ‘Daniel, you should consider going on a short term mission to Spain, to Russia.’ ‘Daniel, you should consider teaching and taking this class on teaching that I’m giving.’ ‘Daniel, you should consider taking these classes on Bible and theology that will deepen your knowledge of Christ.’>

<Mark also modeled and taught me what it meant to be a servant leader and a shepherd to those that I serve>

<Mark also just made time for me. Morning coffees or breakfasts, either alone or with Mark Grotte where we would talk about anything and everything related to life, to leadership, to parenting, marriage, the church. Everything and anything, over the years, we would talk about it>

<When Mark was leaving Seattle, the Grotte’s, and Melanie and I, and Carol had dinner and Mark gave us two batons, each with 2 Timothy 2:2 on it, What you have heard from me, these entrust to faithful men who will also be able to teach others. And he charged us to take the investment that he had given in us and pay it forward and invest in others. I am happy to say that at this point in addition to investing in my four adult children, I’ve had numerous other future leaders, that I have had the pleasure to invest in as well. Much in the same way that Mark invested in me>


<Hi, My name is Mark Grotte and I was part of the class that Mark led at Crossroads Bible Church. Today I am on staff here at Crossraods. Mark was very influential in me becoming a leader>

<In January of 2000 Mark led a ministry team, in which he invited 5 couples to travel to Spain as part of a mission trip. The purpose of the trip taught us the importance of serving and of outreach and of missions. Following that trip, Mark personally invited me and a few others including Daniel and Ted to teach us the importance of knowing biblical doctrine. Also he taught us topics such as learning how to teach, so we could learn to be teachers. Also, he taught us the importance of leadership so that we could lead from a biblical perspective in the church.>

<Following that, I was invited to become an elder at Crossroads Bible Church. This was all built on the foundation that Mark had built into me, as well as other leaders, but Mark was really leading in significant ways for me to become the leader I was becoming at that point. Being an elder wasn’t the end of my learning, but the principles that Mark taught me along the way helped me to continue to grow as I was an elder here at Crossroads Bible Church>

<Three years ago, God called me to leave my secular work place for an opportunity to work here at Crossroads Bible Church. I had no difficulty in accepting that call it was very clear to me that God placed that call on me and so much of that was thanks to the teaching, mentoring and discipleship that Mark instilled in me for those many years>

<Today, I am so thankful that I can look back and see that Mark was a very influential and instrumental person in my life to bring me to the place I am today>


<Hi, my names is Ted Diedrikson and I was part of a class that Mark Wheeler led at Crossroads Bible Church. Today, I am an Elder at Sola church, a church plant of Crossroads Bible Church. Mark was very influential in me becoming the leader I am today>

<Mark was willing to spend the time to teach me. He taught me what it mean to serve, he taught me biblical theology and he taught me how to teach>

<He also provided me opportunities to put the things I was learning into practice. Almost 20 years ago he invited me to go on a short term missions trip to Spain, where we proved computer support to missionaries. Then he asked me to teach in a Sunday school class he was leading. Finally, he asked me to join the leadership team for that class. Each of these things were opportunities that Mark was giving me to put into practice the things he had been teaching me>

<I would not be the leader I am today, were it not for the time, training and opportunity that Mark provided me>

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