Gaining clarity about your unique calling and purpose

25 Jan

Book Review: Younique: Designing the Life that God Dreamed for You, by Will Mancini

While there are many things you can do, what is the one thing that you must do? What is the one thing that only you can do?

Answering those questions lies at the heart of Will Mancini’s latest offering, Younique: Designing the Life that God Dreamed for You. The author pulls together every possible tool and resource for discovering your personality, purpose, strengths, weakness, operating style, passion, ability, dreams, and environment, and then weaves them together so that they are aiming in the same direction. That will help you discover your “sweet spot” where you will be the most effective, fruitful, and fulfilled.

The book is by far the most comprehensive volume on the topic of discovering your unique life purpose that I have read. That being said, it is also overwhelming and feels like you are drinking from a firehose. One-third of the way through the book, I felt like I was being buried by an avalanche of information. While there are helpful charts and tips for application, I was surprised that there weren’t any worksheets to compile your personal ideas and information and/or links to the various tools you would need to use to discover the unique details about yourself.

While the book is extremely informative, you really need a coach to help you walk through and understand the information and what to do with it. Ideally, it needs a companion workbook for those who are disciplined enough to do it on their own, or perhaps a guide that you could use in a small group to work through it with others.

Disclosure: I received this book free from B&H Publishing through the B&H/Lifeway Bloggers program The opinions I have expressed are my own, and I was not required to write a positive review.

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