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We had a full rainbow to the east of us this evening.

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Jehovah Sabaoth

“Houston, we have a problem,” were the words uttered by Astronaut Jim Lovell 56 hours into the mission of Apollo 13 in April, 1970. An oxygen tank aboard the spacecraft exploded putting the lives of the crew in danger. NASA Flight Director Gene Kranz had to devise a strategy to get the crew safely back to earth. Encouraging his team, Kranz repeated over and over again, “Failure is not an option.”

The story of Apollo 13 is one of the hallmarks of American ingenuity and courage under pressure. We believe that we can conquer any problem if we put our minds to it. It illustrates our independent and self-sufficient spirit. At an early age, we learn the motto, “I’d rather do it myself!” As a result of this mindset, we miss out on a very meaningful name of God, Jehovah Sabaoth.

Jehovah Sabaoth—“The Lord of Hosts”—appears most often in the context of failure and powerlessness. It appears 281 times in the Old Testament, 207 of which are spoken by the prophets. The name appears for the first time in the book of 1 Samuel.

The term, “hosts,” refers to an army, whether human or angelic in nature. As the Lord of Hosts, God leads the army of heaven. As the Lord of Hosts, God fights on behalf of his people.

Hannah, David, and Isaiah present three examples of people who called on the name of the Lord of Hosts during a time of crisis.


David Isaiah
1 Samuel 1 1 Samuel 17

Book of Isaiah

Personal crisis

National crisis Spiritual crisis
Hannah struggles with infertility (3-7) David faces an intimidating enemy (4-11)

Isaiah lives among disobedient people (1:2-3)

Hannah pours out her heart and asks God for help (11)

David boldly declares his confidence that God will help him (42-47)

Isaiah has a vision of God’s holiness (6:1-6)

God will punish the wicked (9:13, 19)

God will protect his people (31:4-5)

Hannah is granted a child—Samuel (17)

David gains victory over Goliath (48‑51)

Israel turns a deaf ear to Isaiah’s preaching (6:8-10)

When all else fails …

When our resources run dry, we can run to the Lord of Hosts. He can and will fulfill his plan and purpose.

When we are outnumbered and outgunned, we can call on the name of the Lord of Hosts. He will fight our battles for us.

When are in trouble … when we have no power to help ourselves … when we reach the end of our rope … we can rest assured that the Lord of Hosts can and will work on our behalf.

When all else fails … remember that the Lord of Hosts fights on behalf of his people. Run to him for help and rely on his strength.

This is a synopsis of a message preached at First Central Bible Church in Chicopee, MA, on July 24, 2016. It is part of series on The Names of God. Please click on the link to download a copy of the sermon notes.


Camp KidConnect 2016 videos

At the conclusion of each day of FCBC‘s Camp KidConnect, we had a Spotlight Slideshow. The kids were the stars and helped retell the Bible lesson of the morning. On the last day, the preschoolers were the stars. I took all the photos from the week and narrowed them down to the best of the best for the final slideshow. We will show it tomorrow morning during our worship services. Click on the links to watch the respective videos. Enjoy the fun!

Day One – Jesus’ Light Gives Us Hope

Day Two – Jesus Walks On Water

Day Three – Jesus Sheds Light on How to Live

Day Four – Jesus Shows Us Love

Day Five – Jesus Gives Us His Power (preschoolers)

Camp KidConnect 2016 Slideshow


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Camp KidConnect 2016 – Day Five–Dunk Tank Edition

To close out the week of Camp KidConnect, we brought in a dunk tank so the kids could dunk their leaders.:) I was dunked twice, I think by the same person.  It was a great way to celebrate the end of a wonderful week as well as reward the kids for the large offering they gave. We also had a few carnival type games as well as hot dogs and chips for lunch.


Camp KidConnect 2016 – Day Five

Today was the final day of Camp KidConnect 2016, FCBC‘s summer children’s ministry. Today’s Bible lesson was on the Holy Spirit–Jesus Gives Us His Power. In Imagination Station, we learned about static electricity and how light is reflected. All week long, we’ve been collecting money to help the Holy Trinity Church in Anapa, Russia purchase resources for their children’s ministry. During the “big reveal,” we learned that the kids gave $394 towards the project. YEAH! It was a wonderful week. We count it a great privilege to invest in eternity by teaching children. Here some pics of the day’s festivities. Many of the pictures of our preschoolers since they were the stars of our Spotlight Slideshow.


Camp KidConnect 2016 – Day Four

Today was our 4th day of Camp KidConnect at First Central Bible Church. Dan Appleton told our Bible story about the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We played with “flicker flyers” in Imagination Station which reminded us that when we miss the target, Jesus loves us and can forgive our sins. We sang songs, played games, and had a great time. The dunk tank arrived for tomorrow’s closing festivities. It was another great day, as you can see in our pics.



Camp KidConnect 2016 – Day Three

Today was the third day of FCBC‘s summer children’s ministry, Camp KidConnect. It’s hard to believe we’ve reached the halfway point. Today’s Bible lesson was from the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7). We learned how Jesus sheds light on how to live–as salt & light, treating others kindly, and praying for others. We also had snacks, games, songs, science experiments, and FUN. It was another great day. Here’s some pics from the day’s event.


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