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Russia 2017 – Wednesday in Tsibanobalka

After four days of travel, we arrived in Tsibanobalka. We are a bit road weary and jetlagged, but none the worse for wear. Thanks for praying us here!

John & Naomi Musgrave, the missionaries I work with, started their trip by flying from Seattle to Boston on Sunday. I connected with them at Boston Logan Airport and we boarded the overnight flight from Boston to Amsterdam, arriving Monday AM. We were able to check into our hotel around 10AM. After taking a 3 hour nap, we headed into the city center for dinner and some sightseeing. On Tuesday, we flew from Amsterdam to Moscow. Today, Wednesday, we flew from Moscow to Anapa, on the northern coast of the Black Sea. After dropping off our bags at House of Grace in Tsibanobalka, we headed into Anapa for lunch and grocery shopping. We needed to purchase the food for the 7 meals we will prepare during the 3-day class.

Class starts tomorrow about 9:30AM and runs through Saturday lunch. At this point, there will be 11 students in the class, plus Lena, my translator, and me. Pastor Victor Semukhin and four leaders from his church in Pyatigorsk will drive some nine hours and arrive later tonight or early tomorrow morning. The rest of the group will come from Holy Trinity Church in Anapa, where John has served on the elder team.

My plan is to start with a review of the first half of Romans, chs. 1-8, which I taught last year. Then I will move into the second half, chs. 9-16. Along the way, I will share thoughts about my ministry, family, and experience so the folks can get to know me better.

Again, thanks for praying. I’m in your debt.



On previous trips to Russia, I’ve taken two days to fly from Boston to Anapa, with a short layover in Amsterdam and an overnight stay in Moscow. This year, I’m following the Musgraves’ recommendation to take three days, with overnight stops in Amsterdam and Moscow. The goal is to lessen the jet lag and speed up the recovery time.

Amsterdam is an interesting city, filled with bicycles, canals, history, beautiful buildings, and good food.

Tomorrow we head for Moscow. Thanks for praying.

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