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Awana Camp 2017 – Slideshow

How do you compress 3 1/2 days of camp into three minutes? With great difficulty. Enjoy the slideshow. The music is “Praise like fireworks,” from Rend Collective’s album, “Homemade worship by handmade people.”


Awana Camp 2017 – Day Three

Yesterday was the last full day of First Central Bible Church & Second Baptist Church’s Awana Camp 2017. The kids are packing up now and getting ready to head home. Thursday was filled with canoeing, archery, carpet ball tournament, minute-to-win-it games, Ga-Ga Pit activities, soccer of large & small variety, football, water balloons, Bible lessons, singing, cabin skits, crafts, fun, friendship, and sharing around the bonfire. It was a another wonderful day where God was at work. We can hardly wait until next year! Thanks for praying!


Awana Camp – Day Two

Today was the second day of First Central Bible Church‘s Awana Camp 2017. We enjoyed archery, canoeing, good food, snacks, tie-dye shirts, building rockets, swimming in the lake, singing, Bible stories, and games. It was another wonderful, fun day of learning, friendship, and fun.



Awana Camp 2017 – Day One

Awana Camp 2017 started today. The kids from First Central Bible Church in Chicopee and Second Baptist Church in South Hadley headed for Pine Brook Camp & Conference Center in Shutesbury, MA, about an hour’s drive away. We have 50 children and 24 staff for the week. Today we enjoyed games, singing, and a Bible story, along with two thunderstorms and a power outage. It was a great start to what should be a wonderful week. Thanks for praying.


Awana Crazy Hair Night – 5/17/17

Once a month, the Awana program at First Central Bible Church in Chicopee, MA, has a theme night. Tonight was Crazy Hair Night. While not as many kids and leaders dressed up as in previous months, there were still some very creative color schemes and hairdos. Another fun evening.


Awana Luau Night

Each month, the Awana program at First Central Bible Church in Chicopee, MA, has a theme night where kids and leaders dress the part. Tonight was Luau Night where we brought out the Hawaiian shirts, dresses, and leis. Mr. Stan gave the T&T group a review quiz and the Cubbies made Easter baskets. Up in the gym, they played volleyball with Nerf balls. It was another fun evening of games, memory verses, and fun.


Jesus Christ is fully God and fully human

Last night, I taught the Awana T&T lesson at First Central Bible Church in Chicopee, MA. The theme was “Jesus is fully man.” The main idea of the lesson is that Jesus Christ is both fully God and fully human. When he lived on earth, Jesus experienced the same kind of struggles that we do, but he never sinned. Jesus became human to save us from our sins.

To help the kids grasp the idea, I had them do a Scripture search. We read a number of passages and then talked about whether the verses described Jesus as God or as human. As we went through the lesson, we put the information into the following chart.

Jesus Christ

Fully God

Fully Human

Jesus came from God; Jesus knows all things

(John 16:27-30)

Jesus was hungry

(Mark 11:12-13)

Jesus cast out demons

(Mark 1:21-28)

Jesus was tired and fell asleep

(Mark 4:38)

Jesus forgave sins

(Luke 7:44-50)

Jesus felt sadness; Jesus cried

(John 11:33-35)

Jesus healed a man’s hand

(Mark 3:5)

Jesus was thirsty

(John 19:28-29)

Jesus did things that only God could do

Jesus experienced the same emotions and physical needs that we do

We could have added many more verses, but our time was limited. Why don’t you take the chart and add more examples for the deity and humanity of Jesus?