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Accio Donut!

The Sugar Shack Donuts & Coffee Shop has created Butterbeer Donuts with a Golden Snitch donut hole for October.

Sounds like we need to plan a road trip to VA. Maybe listen to a few HP books along the way.

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The joy of fall

And so it begins 😉

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Leadership challenges

When even the lemmings won’t follow, the leader is in big trouble. 😉

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Posted by on September 16, 2017 in Fun, Leadership, Non-Sequitur


The upside & downside of aging

Earlier this year, I turned 62 years old. That meant I was eligible for the National Park Service lifetime Senior Pass. Turns out getting older does have a benefit.

Since the price was going up from $10 to $80 at the end of this month, I went to Springfield Armory (the closest park to us) on Monday to pick up the pass. With the price going up, there’s been a run on the passes and they were out. So I put my name on the Rain Check list. They called yesterday to say the pass was in, so I headed back to pick it up.

However, neither of the Park Rangers I spoke with on Monday or Tuesday asked to see my drivers license to make sure I was actually 62. I guess that means not only am I a senior, but I look like a senior.

😉 Oh well. I’ll still enjoy the pass.

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Call before you dig

You know those signs that say, “Call before you dig”? Well, there is a reason for the warning.

Thursday morning, about 9:30AM, one of our Admin Assistants at First Central Bible Church came down the hallway to say we didn’t have any water. Looking out the window, we saw three City of Chicopee trucks in the parking lot. She went outside to find out what was going on. The apartment complex next door was renovating their playground. The person doing the work was using an auger, probably digging a footing for the new equipment. As you can guess, he hit a water main. Instead of building a playground, he now had a swimming pool. 😉 The city came to the rescue, but first they had to call Dig Safe to find out what else was underground. Fortunately, the water was back on by noon.

A little bit of excitement and humor for a weekday morning.


The pursuit of more is stressful

I didn’t know not having something could be so stressful. 😉


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Posted by on June 23, 2017 in Character, Fun


A matter of perspective

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