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Memorial Day 2020

Memorial Day Quotes 2019, Memorial Day Messages, Sayings ...

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Memorial Day 2019

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Thanks for your service & sacrifice

Memorial Day2

from “Memorial Day look back: Eagle photo touches hearts”

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Thanks for serving your country

On this Day of Memorial 2014, let me say, “Thanks!” to the men and women who have served, fought, defended, and died for our country to secure and protect our freedom. Thank you for your faithfulness and patriotism. In particular, I want to thank the ones I have known personally who have served in the military–Dad, Jack, Dave, Carl, Dan, Luke, Jarol, Alan, Harlow, Jerry, Bob, Ralph, Carol, Conrad, Chris, Jack, Joe, Dan, Josh, and many others whose names I’ve forgotten–in WWII, Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and peacetime. Thank you. We’re in your debt.

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Honoring the fallen

“Last inspection: The precise ritual for dressing the nation’s war dead” is a thought provoking article on how the Dover Port Authority prepares our nation’s war dead for burial. Those who give their lives in service to our country deserve great honor. Thank you to the folks at Dover Air Force Base who make sure they receive it.

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Thanks for serving

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