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The Question of Commitment

“I didn’t think you should go to Russia.” I have heard that sentiment from more than one person since I returned from my most recent trip. Some were concerned about my mobility issues (using a cane while still recovering from my broken leg/hip). Others were worried about the blood clots in my calf and flying for hours on end. Still others were concerned about the tension between the USA and Russia over politics, Syria, etc. While I appreciated the concern, I also appreciated the fact that most waited until afterwards to voice their reservations.

Without being overly defensive, let me try to explain why I proceeded with the trip as planned.

  • I tend to be optimistic. When told in November I was facing a six-month recovery process, I calculated that April was the sixth month and barring a setback, I should be recovered enough to proceed.
  • While cautious, I am not fearful. I am not risk averse. I choose not to live in fear of “what if?” I know I am safer in harm’s way if I’m in God’s will than I am sitting at home in my easy chair. If I am overly worried and fearful, I also know that is a giant that needs to be conquered.
  • I feel a responsibility to use my gifts for God’s glory (Matthew 25:14-30). I don’t want to stand before God and have him ask me why I took it easy or didn’t do more with what he has given me.
  • Something has happened every time I’ve gone on a short-term ministry trip that I have had to trust God for (health, job, political crisis, personnel, car repairs, family, etc.). My injury was just one more thing.
  • I listened to and trusted my doctors. None of my doctors—surgeon, primary care physician, vascular surgeon—were overly concerned about my mobility and/or blood clots. None of them told me to stay home. All three said I should not have any problems. I also followed their instructions for my prescriptions, compression socks, and walking.
  • I went with the blessing of my wife and church elders.
  • I knew I had help while traveling—wheelchair assistance in airports, and the friends I travel and work with.
  • Having built a friendship over several years with the missionaries I work with and the men and women I would be teaching, I would have been disappointed had I not been able to keep my commitment.

I am grateful for answered prayer. I am thankful that God healed me enough that I was able to travel. I am grateful that he protected me while traveling. I am thankful that he blessed the ministry. I am grateful that he continues to use me to teach and equip others.

Thanks be to God!


Russia 2018 Trip Report


Russia 2018 – Week two report

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Russia 2018 – first week report

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Russia 2018 – March update

It is now less than four weeks before I leave for Russia. While I don’t have a completely clean bill of health quite yet, both my primary care physician and my surgeon said that there is nothing preventing me from traveling. The blood clot(s) in my calf are still present. My primary care physician is changing my medication and sending me to a specialist. He did say, however, that it shouldn’t be an issue for me while traveling.

I continue with PT (physical therapy) twice a week and I do 45-60 minutes of exercises & stretching 2-3 times a day to rebuild the strength in my leg. I am now using a cane to walk. Several times a week I either go into the church’s gym and walk 2-3 laps or go to a local mall and walk the length of it.

A study of the book of Revelation appears to be very popular as the classes are starting to fill up. 23 students are registered for the first week in Anapa. They will come from Anapa, Pyatigorsk (9 hours to the south), and Crimea (a long bus, ferry, and bus ride). I haven’t heard yet on the class in Elista, but I anticipate it will be packed as well.


  • The trip is fully funded!
  • The travel arrangements are all made.
  • I received my visa.
  • My leg/hip is getting stronger!

Prayer requests

  • Greater insight and understanding of the book of Revelation.
  • Complete recovery and full health and strength in my leg/hip.
  • Be able to walk without the cane by end of March.
  • Blood clot(s) in calf completely gone.
  • Be able to travel without limitations.
  • Safety and protection for those who will attend the classes.

Thanks for your prayers and encouragement. I’m in your debt.

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First Central Bible Church is sending one of our own into missions in Spain

First Central Bible Church has the unique opportunity and privilege to send one of our staff members to Spain as a missionary with SEND Int’l. Below is a letter sent to the congregation describing the opportunity.

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Russia 2018 ministry trip

I will be returning to Russia in April 2018 to continue training young pastors and emerging leaders. On this trip, I will be teaching the book of Revelation. Click on the newsletter below to download a pdf copy and learn more about the trip.

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