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Happy 37th Anniversary!

Happy 37th anniversary to my bride, wife, best friend, lover, ministry partner, fellow traveler, and lover of Jesus. While the years may have changed us and we may have moved around the country, my love for you has deepened and my commitment grows ever stronger. 37 years is too short a time to be married to your best beloved. May the adventure continue for many more years to come!

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Wheeler Family 2017 Newsletter

Here’s the highlights of 2017 for our family. Pour yourself a cup of coffee or your favorite soft drink and enjoy.

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Hardware collection

Carol and I met with a PA in my surgeon’s office this morning for my first follow up visit after surgery. They took the staples out of my incisions, about 30 according to the nurse who did the work. While I still cannot bend enough to see it, I was told I has a zipper down the side of my leg. They also took X-Rays to check on the progress of the healing. The PA was able to access the hospital X-Rays so we could see a before & after picture. We agreed with the initial assessments that my break was “impressive.” As you can see from the X-Rays, I now have a titanium rod inside the femur and 4 pins/screws holding it in place.


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From where I sit …

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Trunk ‘R Treat 2017

Trunk ‘R Treat is First Central Bible Church‘s annual community outreach on Halloween. We provide a safe, fun environment where families can come for candy, hot chocolate, hot cider, and games. This year we added four stations where we told the gospel story from creation to fall to redemption to restoration. It was a very good evening with lots of families in attendance. Thanks to all who made it a success.


Minion Night at Awana – 10/18/17

Once a month in Awana at First Central Bible Church, we have a theme night. Tonight, back by popular demand, was Minion Night. Kids and leaders dressed in their finest Minion attire. Gru and the Fluffy Unicorn even made an appearance. Another fun night at FCBC, along with our usual assortment of games, songs, Bible lessons, and memory verses. A great ministry impacting the next generation.

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Moses’ funeral service

On Sunday, I was scheduled to preach Deuteronomy 34 at First Central Bible Church in Chicopee, MA. It was part of our series on the life of Moses. Rather than merely talk about the death of Moses, we decided to hold a funeral service. Tylunas Funeral Home loaned us a casket for the day. In addition to the casket, we had a Jewish prayer shawl, a pair of Rainbow sandals, and a walking stick my wife brought back from New Zealand. Our elders read Scripture, an elders’ wife read Moses’ life history, and several “friends” of Moses shared their remembrance of him. I then used Deuteronomy 34 to talk about three lessons we can learn from Moses’ death. Here’s the bulletin and a couple of pictures from the day.

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