Colossians–The Supremacy of Christ

The world is searching for peace. People long for a sense of purpose and meaning. Men and women search for answers to the questions of marriage and parenting. People want to base their lives on truth that will survive the tests of time.

Paul’s letter to the Colossians demonstrates that Jesus provides an answer for the questions that trouble us. He provides stability in an ever-changing world. He gives a sense of purpose and perspective to those who don’t know where to turn. In this short letter, we discover that Jesus Christ is far superior to anything and everything we might want to base our lives on.

To listen to the sermons in this series, click on the link for the audio file. To save the sermon to your computer, right click on the link and then follow the prompts to “save target as” (Internet Explorer) or “save link as” (Firefox).

I also included a link for the sermon notes for each message. Click on the appropriate link for a pdf file of the outline and sermon notes.


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