Book manuscript – Things that go bump in the mind

A while back, I wrote a book manuscript entitled, Things that go bump in the mind: Facing the monsters that come calling day and night. The premise of the book is that each of us has many cares, worries, and concerns that fill our thoughts and drain our emotional reserves. Some are light and easily reasoned away. Others feel like a weight on our shoulders. Still other concerns come calling at 3:00AM. They keep us awake at night and drive away the restful and refreshing sleep that we so desperately crave. The purpose of this book is to examine the nature of 10 of the deep-seated fears that the average person struggles with. More importantly however, the book focuses on how God meets us at our point of need and calms our worries and soothes our fears. The book aims at providing a message of hope for those who are in the midst of struggle.

Someday, it may be published. In the meantime, it is available here as a series of pdf files. Chapters 1-10 examine the fears and worries while Chapter 11 provides a statement of trust and confidence of the one who finds his or her security in God. If you read it, please let me know what you think.

Things that go bump in the mind:

Facing the monsters that come calling day and night


Chapter 1 – “When you’d rather be voted off the island: Learning how to survive the game”

Chapter 2 – “When the company you started files for Chapter 11: Living in hope despite your failure”

Chapter 3 – “When life is stuck on ‘hold’: Learning how to wait on the Lord”

Chapter 4 – “When panic attacks: Facing a fear of the unknown”

Chapter 5 – “When the earth quakes: Weathering change”

Chapter 6 – “When you’re stuck at a dead end: Living in obscurity”

Chapter 7 – “When your compass seems broken: Dealing with doubts about God’s will”

Chapter 8 – “When the floodwaters rise: Living with pain that won’t go away”

Chapter 9 – “When regret cycles around again: Living with the ‘if only’ syndrome”

Chapter 10 – “When the finish line approaches: Running hard to finish strong”

Chapter 11 – “Life without worry and fear”


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